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Stramonium - Thornapple

 A remedy for terror, deep seated fears, for nightmares & night terrors.

  • Excellent remedy for frightened children/adults – fear of violence or being harmed.
  • Violent or strong fears
  • Fear – darkness, being alone, closed places
  • Desire for light & company
  • Dislike of colour black & black dogs
  • This remedy takes away the fear of being harmed/hurt and fear of violence.  Instills a feeling of peace  
  • Good for children with night terrors
  • For acute use (e.g. night terror) – give 7 drops under tongue immediately & repeat in 10 mins if necessary and perhaps again in 1 hour if required. For general fears, take 1 dose night & morning for 3-4 days
  • Can be used with Aconite 30C for fearful states too – both are acute remedies of fear with Stram being more fear of violence/harm & Aconite to recover from states where there has been harm or threat of death involved.
  • How to take - 30C - 1 dose = 7 drops in ½ glass water - repeat in 15-30 mins if required.  For stronger/more intense states - take 200C 1 dose only
  • Stop when symptoms improve or worsen.