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Phosphoric Acidum

Best remedy for ailments from cares & worries

This remedy treats ailments from grief, after an exhausting disease, after periods of prolonged work or stress.  It is for burnt-out states and is therefore good for early stages of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).  Indifference to everything.  Poor memory - difficult to collect thoughts or concentrate.  Exhaustion from overwork or stress.  Acts to improve the immune system.

  • Crave fruit, juicy or refreshing things
  • Ailments from grief (prolonged or from a sudden loss)
  • Ailments from disappointed love (listless, dislike to talk, short answers)
  • Ailments from loss of fluids (compare China)
  • Feels that "life is useless" "what's the point";  "everything is dark"
  • Mild & yielding disposition.  For the person who puts up with everything and then collapses with fatigue0
  • Chilly
  • Often dehydrated

Worse:  talking; too much study; cold; debility (loss of fluids; sexual excess; fatigue; emotional states; drafts

Better warmth; short sleep; motion; pressure; after stool

Dosage 30C - take 1 dose night & morning for 1 week.  For deeper states - 200C - take 1 dose for 2 days only - repeat in 10-14 days