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Travelmed Relief Tablets
Helps the body's normal response to feelings of queasiness as a result of travel by air, land or sea. It may be used by all members of the family.
2 tablets per dose orally just before travel repeating as necessary during the journey. Suck the tablets for 1 or 2 minutes then either dispose of tablets or chew and swallow.

INGREDIENTS: contains homoeopathic potencies of Apomorphinum, Cocculus, Ignatia, Petroleum and Tabacum all in 30C potency.
Suggested Advice: Naturo Pharm Jet Lag Relief can be useful to assist the body’s normal ability to fight the effects of long distance air travel and help restore normal sleep patterns. For queasiness resulting from travel by sea, avoid going below deck for extended periods of time. An activity that will keep you above deck and focus your mind on anything other than the swaying environment will help. Find a place on the boat where the motion is at its minimum and which allows your eyes to look at land or the horizon. Using the horizon as a true point of reference allows your brain to adjust to the unstable environment. Avoid looking through binoculars for anything longer than a glance. Refrain from reading a book, looking at a compass, doing detailed work or staring at one point.