Loneliness Essence

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Tall Yellow Top - is an Australian Bush flower essence for loneliness where a person feels isolated, alienated or abandoned.

Tall Mulla Mulla – is an Australian Bush flower essence for feeling unsafe about mixing with other people

Self-Love - is an essence that encourages the sense of sport, comradeship, camaraderie, help, may be that which becomes available from the cosmos when it is taken. This can be helpful as an encouraging energy within ones own heart to find the sense that one has a place in the universe, that ones own energy can stimulate answers in the heart in a loving way, not previously recognised

Illawarra Flame Tree – this Australian Bush Flower Essence for feelings of rejection or being unappreciated.

Happy Wanderer – this is a West Australian flower essence for people who find it too challenging to do things by themselves & feel more at ease when someone else is with them. Encourages a spirit of self-assurance, self-reliance and personal determination and belief in one’s own ability to achieve. Helps one believe that one can bring to one’s self what one needs in life to cope.

Dosage - take one dose (7 drops under tongue) night & morning for 2 weeks.  Alternatively take 1 dose as required for support