Ferr. Phos.

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Ferr. Phos.

Best remedy for mild fevers and inflammatory states:  In 12C potency it operates like a biochemical first aid - carries oxygen to the cells.  Congestion, inflammatory pain, fast pulse and increased temperature all need more oxygen.  Indicated where there is a lack of red corpuscles in the blood - e.g. anaemia.  Excellent remedy for mature age people and is also a great help to have on hand for mothers for children during feverish states. 

Relief of symptoms of fevers and congestion/head colds. Relieves the first stages of inflammations as with injury or illness (e.g., a stuffy nose).

Important to remember this remedy in any ailment whatsoever since it furnishes the cells with more oxygen and thus improves cellular function & metabolism.

How to Take:  Age 2-8 - 30C potency - 4 drops 3 x a day.   Age 8-100 - 30C potency - 7 drops up to 5 times a day for 3 days. 
For low iron states - take Ferr Phos 12C - 7 drops under tongue night & morning as a maintenance dose