Calc. Carb.

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 Calcium Carbonate – made from shell of European oyster

Best remedy for slow difficult teething, providing stability & security. Often needed when growing up or going through major developmental changes. Classically fat, fair and flabby. Chilly. Easily over exerted and very sweaty (esp. back of head). Sour smelling discharges. May fear many things (eg the dark; monsters;animals;insects, heights). Poor at assimilating their food, which may cause problems in bone and teeth formation. Crave boiled eggs & sweets.  This is a grounding remedy and is very useful for when you are experiencing instability in your life such as moving or going through transformational changes. Helps adjust, soothe & organise. Better: constipation;dry weather. Worse: heights; getting cold, damp weather;physical or mental exertion; teething; milk.

How to Take Over 10 yrs of age - give 30C potency – 1 dose – repeat up to 4x a day if necessary – 15 minutes apart. 1 dose = 7 drops -either under tongue or in ½ glass water.   Then take 4 doses for 3-4 days. Under 10 years – give 4 drops under tongue & dosage as above. Stop dosage if symptoms worsen. If symptoms persist seek advice from your health practitioner.

About This Remedy - Calc. Carb. Is a key homoeopathic remedy and is used for a wide range of ailments. Especially good remedy for children with slow development – late walking & talking, lack muscle tone & tend to put on weight. It is generally used as a constitutional remedy, and may assist with gout, debility from overwork & rheumatism.  It's also a very good "grounding" and "centering" remedy.... helps provide stabilise and organise one's self.

  • Complaints– teething children with sour diarrhoea; people who are susceptible to colds (common cold) whenever the weather changes; cradle cap- thick, foul milkcrusts; sweat smells sour & sour stool.
  • Mental/emotional state – children can be easily frightened or offended. Self-willed, fearful or obstinate. Learning is slow or methodical. Sensitive to criticism and dislikes being observed. Babies who are normally happy and content & become more difficult when teething.
  • Food/Drink– Desires - boiled eggs, sweets, milk, cold drinks, ice cream. May crave chalk, coal or pencils. Averse – milk, which upsets stomach, meat, fat, rich food, slimy food.